February 3, 2016 pink pasta

Exotic Pink Pasta

Pasta is a favorite food of kids and youngsters too. Exotic Pink Pasta is not so easy task to make at home. Mostly, people prefer to get it from restaurants, but now you can make it at your own home. You just bring Sajari Exotic Pink Pasta Mix packet and follow the below steps:

  • Cut the packet of Sajari Exotic Pink Pasta Mix
  • Pour in a bowl and mix with water or milk
  • Cut the veggies (Capsicum, Corn, Broccoli, etc.)
  • Fry the veggies in a pan
  • Cook the pasta
  • Add the pasta in veggies
  • Pour the batter of Sajari Exotic Pink Pasta Mix
  • Boil for few minutes

By following the above steps, you can make Exotic Pink Pasta easily at your own home.

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